Burp Lids

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BurpLids provide a fast convenient way to burp mason jars during the curing process. This inventive lid features a one-way airlock valve in the center. The BurpLid extractor pump is used to pump all of the old air out of the jar creating a vacuum. To complete burping, the air-lock valve in the center is simply pressed to the side, allowing fresh air to fill the jar. Each lid also features a convenient date tracker ring to help you stay organized.

• Easy burping – simply place, pump, and press!
• Fits any brand of widemouth mason jar
• Easy to read built-in date tracker

*Extractor pump required for use (sold separately)

1 review for Burp Lids

  1. Mike Jerico

    These are awesome! Honestly I wish these came out back in the day. I’ve saved so much time using these lids. Thanks again!

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