Bud Packs (12 in each pack)



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Why Are Bud Packs Better Than The Competition?

✅  3 Times Faster Activation To Get Proper RH Level

✅  Two-Way Humidity Control Catalyst

✅  62% Relative Humidity Control, 8 Gram Bags Sold In Packs of 12

✅  No Salt! Like other brands have that leach into your bud

✅  Organic Plant Fiber Substrate

✅  Biodegradable and Non-toxic​

Bud Packs are foil-packaged to prevent UV activation and have a shelf life of 1 year. Formulated for the hemp and cannabis industry, not cigars. That is a huge difference. No risk of over humidifying which salt/gel concentrations tend to do. Bud Packs out performs the competition and last longer!


It all comes down to one important thing. Preserving your most precious bud. Bud packs eliminate excess moisture and shield your bud to manage the proper relative humidity (RH).

Order Your Bud Packs Today!


  1. Place Bud Pack into your jar.
  2. When Bud Pack loses softness, it’s time to replace.
  3. The more Bud Packs you use, the longer they last!
  4. Bud Packs won’t ever over-humidify.