24 bundle pack + 2 Pumps

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12-Pack Burplids Upgrade


✅ Burping Made Easy – No more frustrating time consuming untwisting and prying off lids. Use the oxygen extractor pump to burp the jar. Simply place, pump, press, done!

✅ Airlock Valve Technology – We use waterless airlock valve technology which functions as a sealing vapor lock for your container, allowing carbon dioxide to escape without letting oxygen in.

✅ Date Tracker – Keep track of batches with our date tracker embedded in every lid! No more needing to remember when that batch started.

✅ Minimizes Chances of Mold – These lids create a vacuum seal inside your jar. It is very hard for mold to grow in a vacuum increasing your chances for success!

✅ Next Level Grow Experience – This new product eliminates the chances for mold and increases your chances for a fresh and successful cure!

How Burp Lids Help You:

We incorporated all of the important features needed in a revolutionary curing lid with only one thing in mind – TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! Now you can sit back and relax while you take your grows to the next level and cure your green to perfection with our innovative Burp Lids.

Included is 24 burp lids and 2 free extraction pumps!

Start experiencing the new and better way to cure and get your 24 bundle pack of lids today!

Weight100 oz
Dimensions24 × 16 × 4 in

9 reviews for 24 bundle pack + 2 Pumps

  1. Chris Thompson

    Makes it so much better. Amazing!

  2. Jessica D

    Saves a lot of time! Wow I wish I had these sooner.

  3. Tim Shultz

    Great Lids!

  4. Sarah Alexandra

    Pretty neat, thanks

  5. Johnathan Pierce

    These are a game changer! I wish you had more colors though.

  6. Jarrid Mckinney

    These are very good at first. The logo did wear off after a while but no big deal.

  7. Sergio F

    Dude! I frickin love these lids! I literally save like 45 minutes a day. I use to open all of my old lids and come back after an hour but now it takes me only a minutes to burp everyday!!! WOO!!!

  8. Angel Pasto

    Thanks for this bundle deal but I need more lids. Can you sell me more at a discount?

  9. Charley Fogerty

    Does what it says.

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