Unlocking Perfect Harvests with BurpLids®: Santinos Journey to Effortless Curing

Get Worry Free Fermentation & Curing By Never Unsealing Again

As a child, stumbling across my grandfathers book of inventions and businesses lit a spark deep down and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps 


It all began at the tender age of 12when a trip to the Borders bookstore sparked my curiosity about hydroponics. Little did I know, this innocent interest would blossominto a lifelong passion.


Growing plants hydroponically became my science experiment, fuelled by a desire to understand the magic behind it all. Despite facing challenges like basement floods and precarious setups, the thrill of nurturing a plant from a small hydroponic bubbler to a towering 7-footer kept me going. 


However, the real turning point came when my hard work was jeopardized by improper drying and curing methods, resultingin bud rot. It was a heartbreaking lesson that underscored the importance of the post-harvest process.

This realization prompted a deeper exploration into the challenges faced by growers, leading to the birth of BurpLids®. The inspiration came during the tedious daily ritual of burping dozens of jars. It was a necessary chore, but the monotony of unscrewing lids day after day sparked the idea for a revolutionary solution. 


I spoke with my friend Grace who loves fermenting carrots and other vegetables, she was ALsO going through the same issues! Grace insisted on. manually burping eachjar to get rid of excess gas and make sure her carrots fermented just right. But, let's be real, her hands-on routine often. messed things up. Too much guesswork, and more ruined batches than she'd admit..

No more manual burping headaches--BurpLids® did the job. The vacuum seal mechanism let out gas without messing up the sealed environment.. Grace could practically hear her carrots thankingher as they transformed. With BurpLids®, her ferments got a makeover. Flavours got bolder, textures popped, and the probiotics hit a new level.No more hit or miss-each batch turned out awesome, thanks to BurpLids®. 


But here's the kicker--the time Grace saved. No more babysittingjars, no more stressing about when to burp them. BurpLids® didn't just upgrade her. pickles; they gave her back precious hours for more kitchen fun. 

BurpLids® emerged as the remedy, offering a game-changing approach tojar burping. No more tedious unscrewing-just activate the BurpVac. Technology, burp the valve daily, and let the lid take care of the rest. It's the evolution the industry needed, designed not just for MMJ but also for. Fermentation and Food Preservation.

But we didn't stop there. BurpLids® V2 takes it a step further with enhanced BurpVac Technology. Now, you can introduce fresh air through a carbon filter and let the lid seamlessly handle the rest.It's innovation that transforms a once laborious processinto a breeze. 


So, join us in revolutionizing the way we preserve and enjoy our harvests. With BurpLids®, it's not just about growing; it's about savouring the fruits of your labor effortlessly

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