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Unleash the Potential of Perfect Fermentation: Win our 14 Pack Curing Kit featuring Auto Pump technology and you'll transform ordinary wide-mouth mason jars into the ultimate environment for worry-free fermentation, ensuring maximum potency and flavor in every batch

  • Burping Made Easy - No more frustrating time consuming untwistingand prying off lids. Use the oxygen extractor pump to burp the jar. Simply place, pump, press, done!
  • Airlock Valve Technology - We use waterless airlock valve te chnology which functions as a sealing vapor lock for your container, allowing carbon dioxide to escape without letting oxygen
  • Date Tracker - Keep track of batches with our date tracker embedded in every lid! No more needing to remember whenthat batchstarted.
  • Minimizes Chances of Bud Rot- These lids create avacuum seal inside your jar. It is very hard for contaminates to grow in a vacuum increasingyour chances for success!


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Verified Customer

"Amazing product that makes my curing life easier! Save time, money, and efficiencies. Data reminder allows me to make sure that everything is cured properly.

Verified Customer
"I bought a 4 pack with the hand pump the first time to try them. They worked flawlessly. I bought this 14 pack with the electric pump as my grow got bigger. I can't say enough good things about this product! Flawless and burbing has been made so easy now. This will cure your product to absolute perfection."


Verified Customer

"Tried many BurpLids® before these and these work just fine! Got some kraut going as we speak. Not to pricey, none have broken on me, and fit all my jars like a glove. Give them a try!"

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