How To Use It's Just 3 Easy Steps!

Just like that, you’re done! Do this once a day for at least two weeks to ensure the proper breakdown of chlorophyl and to achieve that smooth flavorful product everyone will love!

The negative pressure will pull the fresh air into the jar to ensure a safe and successful cure. You will hear a hissing noise.

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We Are Your Favorite Curing Product.

At BurpLids® we knew there had to be a faster and more efficient way to cure. Back in the day when we started growing it was burping that was the most painstaking process of the whole growing cycle. All those mason jar lids had to be burped every day. We use to have to wait 30 minutes just to come back to cap them all. What a pain! We realized that many growers also shared this frustration, so we created BurpLids®! A new revolutionary way to cure your harvest to perfection.

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I can't believe I've been burping all those old mason jar jar lids and wasting my time! Thanks for making a truly awesome product! Never going back.

Mila karaw

The Ultimate Curing Solution

We packed these lids With Features Every Grower Needs and Deserves!

  • BPA Free
  • Easy Lid Release Tab
  • Foodgrade Material
  • Built In Date Tracker
  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Creates a Low Oxygen Environment
  • Airlock Valve Technology