How To Use
It's Just 3 Easy Steps!

1. Place the pump on the Burp Lids air-lock valve  ✅  

2. Pump a couple times to pull the stale air out of the jar ✅  

3. Burp the air-lock valve to force feed fresh air inside the jar ✅  

Just like that, you’re done! The negative pressure will pull the fresh air into the jar to ensure a safe and successful cure. You will hear a hissing noise. Do this once a day for 12 days to properly breakdown the chlorophyll to ensure that flavorful and smooth taste.

Let’s face it, burping can be a painful process and involves a lot of jars and unscrewing lids on and off. What a waste of time! Say goodbye to those old mason jar lids forever! With Burp Lids, it’s now simple to burp your buds to perfection.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us at Burplids@gmail.com