Burping is a painstaking process.

It usually involves A LOT of jars and each one of them has to be manually unscrewed then put back on.

This process must be done every single day for at least two weeks if you want to achieve the proper breakdown of chlorophyll... resulting in the perfect cure.

With our exclusive BurpLids, it now becomes an easy 3-step process.

Place, Pump, Burp, DONE!

You only need to burp once a day for at least two weeks. Then once you're done, let your harvest store in a vacuum sealed environment thats safe and oxygen free!




Airlock Valve Technology

We designed these lids specifically to simplify the burping process. 

The airlock valve technology embedded in these lids create a vacuum seal when air is pumped out and builds up negative pressure inside the jar.

Once the valve is pressed to the side, fresh air is forced inside the jar. You’ll hear a hissing noise. This ensures that air is exchanged properly for a fresh and successful cure!

We even include a FREE oxygen extractor pump that allows you to pull the stale air out! Say goodbye to those old lids and hello to a perfect & flavorful cure, every single time.

Burplids are going to make your life easier and increase your chances for a fresh and successful cure

We incorporated all of the important features needed in a revolutionary curing lid with only one thing in mind– to make it easier for you! 

Now you can sit back and relax while you take your grow to the next level and cure to perfection with our innovative Burp Lids!

Compatible with Any Brand of Widemouth Mason Jars

We also designed the lids to be compatible with any brand of wide-mouth mason jar, and the low profile of the Burplid lid means that you can still store your jars in the same spot as usual. Most customers use 32oz and 64oz jars shown here.

Easily Keep Track of Dates

Forgot when you started burping? Did you miss a day again?

Don’t worry! We made every lid with a date tracker so you’ll know exactly when each jar is done curing to perfection.

Achieve Maximum Potency!

After curing is complete, pull the oxygen out of your jars using the extraction pump. This will create a low oxygen environment, increasing potency.

Remember there are four factors that degrade your harvest; Oxygen, Temperature, Light & Time. 

UV light and oxygen cause the highest rates of degradation.

So what are you waiting for? Start Burping the easy way!

Streamline your curing process with BurpLids! Get your starter pack today and experience perfectly cured nugs, every time!

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