The Revolutionary New Way to Cure!

The Lid that Does It All...

No More Unscrewing all those lids!!

Let’s face it, burping can be a painstaking process.

It usually involves a LOT of jars and each one of them has to be screwed and unscrewed manually.

And this has to be done every single day for however long it takes to achieve that perfect cure.

Yes, we all know that burping is a kind of necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be the pain in the “bud” it normally is.

With our exclusive BurpLids, it becomes an easy 3-step process.

Place, Pump, Burp! DONE!

The negative pressure will force feed fresh air into your jar! Do this once a day for at least 12 days to allow the chlorophyll to breakdown properly and achieve that smooth, flavorful taste.

No more of that painstaking process of opening, waiting and closing your jars individually the old-fashioned way.

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Real Words From Our Loyal Customers

Designed to Make the Process Simple

With your best interests in mind, our number one priority was practicality. We incorporated all the important features you need in a revolutionary drying lid with only one thing in mind – TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER! 

Now you can simply sit back while you take your grow to the next level and cure your bud to effortless perfection with our innovative lids.

Curing the perfect batch can be a tedious process with a lot of steps involved. We’re dedicated to making the entire process as easy and simple as possible so you can spend your time doing other important things instead.

Starter Pack
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Burplids were designed with Ease of Use in Mind

All lids come with an easy release tab so you’ll never have to worry about over tightening again. We all know about those pesky jars that just refuses to open. This will never happen again with our easy leverage lids allowing you to open any jar with just a quick twist.

Compatible with Any Brand of Widemouth Mason Jars

We also designed the lids to be compatible with any brand of wide-mouth mason jar, and the low profile of the Burplid lid means that you can still store your jars in the same spot as usual.

Easily Keep Track of Dates

Growers are frequently mixing up their batches because of unlabeled jars, and it can take a long time to mark each of your jars with a date. We made this part of the process easier as well!

An integrated date tracker mechanism is included into each lid so you’ll know exactly when each jar should be cured to perfection.

Superior Airlock Valve Technology

We designed these lids specifically to simplify the curing process. The airlock valve technology embedded in these lids create a vacuum seal and builds up negative pressure inside the jar. This genius new product eliminates the chances of mold by having less exposure to mold spores in the open air and increases your chances of a fresh and successful cure!

For even more assurance, we include a FREE oxygen extractor pump allowing you to pull the stale air out that could ruin a harvest. Say goodbye to mold and hello to a perfect, flavorful cure every single time.

So what are you waiting for? Start Burping the easy way!

Streamline your  curing operation with BurpLids! Get your starter pack today and experience perfectly cured nugs every time with less effort.

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